[divider top=”100″ type=”default” bottom=”10″ style=”blank”] [hline top=”10″ linecolor=”#d8d8d8″ height=1 bottom=”10″ style=”dotted”] [heading animated=fadeIn marginbottom=”60″ width=”” content_richtext=”” button=”” button_link=”” top=”10″ bottom=”10″ size=”1″ title=”Family” subtitle=”” align=”center”] [textbox border_size=0 border_style=dotted border_color=#f4f4f4 background_color=”” text_color=”” padding_sides=”0″ padding_top=”0″ padding_bottom=”0″ margin_sides=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″]A family photography session with me is all about creating fun memories for you to go back to when looking at your photographs. As a father of three, I know how hard it can be to get the whole family to “smile nicely for a photo”, so my job as a professional family photographer is to create the kind of relaxed environment that will bring out the genuine smiles and connection.

I will guide you through every step of the way so that, regardless of the size of your family and the ages of the children, it can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

I love capturing faces and connection between family members, from babies to teens, parents and grandparents. Whether you’d like me to capture an important family milestone like the arrival of a new sibling into the family, your twins’ second birthday or before your children leave home to go to Uni, we will have a chat about your requirements and I can advise on the best location for the shoot and time of day to get best results.[/textbox] [button link=”#gallery” button_align=”center” button_color=”” button_icon=”feather-icon-image” target=”_self”] Gallery [/button] [button link=”https://owenstudios.com.au/contact/” button_align=”center” button_color=”” button_icon=”fa fa-comment” target=”_self”] Contact Us [/button] [button link=”#quote” button_align=”center” button_color=”” button_icon=”et-icon-clipboard” target=”_self”] Testimonals [/button] [button link=”https://owenstudios.com.au/portrait-photographer/portrait-pricing/” button_align=”center” button_color=”” button_icon=”fa fa-star” target=”_self”] Portrait Prices [/button] [divider top=”25″ type=”default” bottom=”” style=”blank”] [servicebox animated=”fadeInRight” column=”1″ iconborder=”false” iconbackground=”#4c4c4c” iconplace=”top” boxplace=”horizontal” iconcolor=”#ffffff”] [servicebox_item icon=”fa fa-check-circle-o” title=”Our Approach” link=”” linktext=”” last_item=”no”] My images are inspired by my genuine love of people and their stories. Whether it’s sleepy newborns, babbling babies, cheeky toddlers, crazy kids, moody teenagers, blooming mums-to-be or the whole clan together, I specialise in honest, creative, documentary family photography that captures and celebrates real life, character, spirit and individuality. I absolutely love children and one of the biggest compliments I’ve ever been given was to be told that I photograph other people’s children as though they were my own. [/servicebox_item] [/servicebox] [servicebox animated=”fadeInRight” column=”1″ iconborder=”false” iconbackground=”#4c4c4c” iconplace=”top” boxplace=”horizontal” iconcolor=”#ffffff”] [servicebox_item icon=”simpleicon-link” title=”Our Guarantee” link=”” linktext=”” last_item=”no”] We take pride in the quality of our products & services. Portrait & Wedding photos are irreplaceable memories, so we think our clients deserve the best. Our commitment is to listen to our clients and provide them with quality images, also to fully understand our client’s expectations and exceed them by providing value for money photography. [/servicebox_item] [/servicebox] [servicebox animated=”fadeInRight” column=”1″ iconborder=”false” iconbackground=”#4c4c4c” iconplace=”top” boxplace=”horizontal” iconcolor=”#ffffff”] [servicebox_item icon=”et-icon-camera” title=”Leading Photographers” link=”” linktext=”” last_item=”no”] Owen Studio has been a leader in photography for over 70 years. Syd Owen is an associate member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (A.I.P.P). He has received countless national and state awards and is an esteemed judge for the Heritage Bank Acquisitive Awards. [/servicebox_item] [/servicebox] [divider top=”25″ type=”default” bottom=”” style=”blank”] [thumbnails gutter=”nospace” animated=”false” boxtitle=”false” columns=”3″ format=”portrait” title=”false” pb_image_ids=”9124,9116,9115,9210,9205,9187,9209,9186,9215″ description=”false”] [thumbnails gutter=”nospace” animated=”false” boxtitle=”false” columns=”2″ format=”landscape” title=”false” pb_image_ids=”9092,8963,9195,9125,9114,9091,9123,9113,9112,9089,9126,9200,9184,9183,9212,9207,9774,9769,9770,9772,9775,9776″ description=”false”] [divider top=”10″ type=”default” bottom=”10″ style=”blank”]