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Syd H Owen & his wife Violet established Owen Studio in 1949.  As a young gentleman Syd had a quite unique and creative mindset that was recognized by Kodak who hired him at 15 years of age in 1933. In 1991,  Syd Owen jnr took over the reins of running a successful photography business that has continued to be respected and trusted in the community for now over 70 years. You will be interested to know that we also still have the negatives of every portrait and wedding photographed from 1949. We still have requests to print or scan these into a digital format.

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Michelle has a wealth of experience in designing wall art for your home. Choosing the right matt and frame for your photo is valuable for making the image look more amazing on the wall.  For over 15 years Michelle has helped many families choose the best images and design for their home.

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Cathy is our specialist school & event photographer. She has the ability to bring the best out in children and capture that natural smile and expression. Events can be difficult to photograph, but Cathy has the experience to cover presentations & awards nights.

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