Jason & Jamie-Lee Wedding

With a cloudy week behind us the morning of the 26th was looking great for Jason and Jamie-lees wedding to be held  at the Jondaryan Woolshed. Jamie’s horse,  Boots was there all dressed and ready to go when we arrived at the shed, followed closely by the big white bus with the bridal party. Then along came Jamie in the truck making her grand entrance. With the offical Ceremony finished we headed off around the grounds making use of all the properties  great locations to make some awesome photos for Jason & Jamie to cherish forever. Thank’s guys, had a great day,  Raymond





Nathan & Vicki’s Wedding

The day started out looking like rain, but it turned out to be the most perfect overcast day.  Nathan & Vicki’s wedding was a dream to photograph.  Great fun couple, heaps of memories and beautiful images.  We spent the afternoon travelling around Highfields in a Limo stopping here and there for wedding photography.  The Highfields Function Center was the choice for their reception.  We have incorporated a little bit video creating a fusion style of slideshow. Have a look Click Here. Hope you enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Click here to view wedding DVD